Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

I was allowed to go up 🗻


Hello ☺

I caught a cold the moment I entered December with all my might 🤒 lol
I hope you all take care of yourselves.

This time, I asked one of the companies that has always taken care of us to let us go up to the pre-heater!

Before going up to the pre-heater, we passed under a big kiln, but it was so hot that we could feel the heat up close, even though it was supposed to be spinning pretty high up.

I was allowed to go up to the highest point to take this picture.🤳

You can see a ship coming in at the bottom left of the picture!
You can see a small white boat in the far left corner, but there are actually 4-5 more boats docked and waiting for their turn to come in ⛵⛵⛵⛵.

I have been to many places for business, but I have never had the experience of actually going inside and looking at them, so it was a great learning experience for me.

Thank you to the company that agreed to our request! Thank you very much!
Thank you very much. !!!!