Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Let’s make and learn


We manufacture refractory anchors in a variety of shapes based on customer requests.
We often receive requests for anchors of shapes not found in our catalog products, and we often manufacture them based on the drawings we receive.

When I add side view explanations based on the drawings I receive, I often run into a wall…

It is a lack of spatial awareness.

We use the third angle method, and in the case of complex shapes, we add a right side view in addition to the front view and send it to the customer for arrangement…

If the shape of the product is simple, such as a partial difference from a catalog product, it is no problem to add a supplementary explanation to the front view without worrying too much.

The year before last, our engineering department held a drawing class for our employees, where they learned how to draw and read the third angle method, but it was difficult to understand the shape of the product when a request came in. However, although rounded paper has some advantages such as ease of cutting and pasting, it is weak in processing such as bending, and we were struggling with it.

Then, I came up with this idea.

Bending straws!

I have made some parts when I have time, and when an anchor with a complicated shape comes to me, I cut and paste it and learn from various angles.

Once I made it with this, I could understand the side view without difficulty without having to check the shape with a straw when a similar shape came, and it became smooth to draw simple drawings by hand, supplement drawings, and revise drawings.

I’m a little sad that I won’t have as many opportunities to use it now that I’ve prepared it…
I hope this will improve my spatial recognition ability and increase my speed and ability to understand the shape of the plan view alone.