Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Have a great Monday morning…


The other day I went to watch a game of the NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes, a rugby team in Osaka.

I was not interested in rugby to begin with, and even when the whole of Japan was one team, I was not particularly interested… so why did I go to a rugby game with a friend? I was not particularly interested in rugby, even when the whole of Japan was one team, so when I told my friends that I went to a rugby game, they were always surprised. When I explained the reason for watching the game, they all agreed.

The reason is…
My supporting idol (my guess) has been an ambassador for the team for two years in a row since last year!
And my guess-men sometimes participate in the host game with advance notice!
I had been attending events before, but this year I finally made my debut as a game spectator.

The first thing that surprised me when I went was how beginner-friendly it was.

The first time I went, I honestly didn’t know anything about the rules, but first they handed out pamphlets with the positions, names, and photos of the starters and members scheduled to participate in the games, a brief, clear, readable explanation of the rules, explanations of commonly used words, explanations of infractions, and information about events and kitchens on the day of the event. car information, and more.
Fans can also be greeted upon arrival at the site, and there is plenty of interaction between the players and fans, with autograph sessions before games and meet-and-greets after games where you can take pictures with the players.
There are also mini-games available, and as a community-based team, many people with small children were in attendance.

At the entrance, we were given goods as gifts. In January, we received air cushions, T-shirts, and towels to pull over our chairs while watching the game, and this month we received neck warmers and Kit Kat with the players’ portraits on them, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The game was also highly entertaining, with an explanation of the foul play on the screen when a foul was committed and a flame going up every time a goal was scored.

The other night I bought a front row ticket to get a closer look at the opening and halftime appearances of the guessing game, and the price is very reasonable compared to other major sports.
The game we saw from the front row was so powerful that my friend who went with me and I were excited to come back to see it again.

The team’s communication word is “Have a great Monday morning”, and both of the host games we went to in January and February were victories, so we had a great Monday morning indeed!♪

When I actually visited the games and events, I had the strong impression that everyone, including the players and staff, were united in their desire to make people love the team, and I thought it was wonderful that they were able to create such an atmosphere and act in such a way.
I am sorry to say this, but I did not see a single person with a “it’s my job, I’m just doing my job…” attitude, and I had the best impression of the staff of any event of any genre that I have ever attended.

I was reminded that we, too, need to conduct activities that convey that feeling, respond politely, and act in a way that is attentive to their needs so that they will like our company more and more to their clients.