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Commute Time🚃



How do you spend your commuting time?

Namitakiko is located in a somewhat remote area of Kobayashi in Taisho, so people who are not within biking or walking distance have to take the train and bus to get here.

I used to think that commuting time was a waste of time, but now I think that commuting time is a refreshing time in my life.

It depends on how people spend their time, but I watch movies or dramas on the train, or read a book since I have been going to the library recently.

I have to be careful though, because I once almost missed a train because I was too focused on reading a book,

I have to be careful, though, because I can’t make time to relax and read a book at home, so I think commuting time is important for me.

By the way, two of the best books I have read recently are “Antokuinoichi” and “Bread of Happiness”.

If you have a chance, please read them too 📚.