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Soar away! ✈


Have you all heard of a morning drama called “Soar Away” that aired in the last school year?
I have been checking out all the morning dramas for about 3 years now. (Because they tend to feature good looking young actors.)
I can’t watch them in real time, so I always record them, but since I’m far behind, I still haven’t reached the last episode yet, (hahaha).

“Soar Away” takes place at a factory in Higashi-Osaka.
This factory manufactures “screws,” and the president is a man with a passionate “big dream of a small screw,” and all the employees work with the same passion.

In the drama, there were times when I studied cutting processes, and I learned a lot myself.
Also, I decided to send out the thoughts of the employees who manufacture screws on my blog, and although the purpose may be a little different, I felt that we are doing the same thing, and I felt again that I want this blog to have content that will interest the viewers of Namitakiko.

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to talk about, but I will try my best to keep updating this blog 🙋.

The photo has nothing to do with the morning drama, I had a delicious hassaku and kale salad at a restaurant the other day.
I’m going to try making it at home next time. If you like, please try it too 🤤♡♡♡