Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Occupational Disease on Yonaguni Island! 🗾


Do you know the westernmost point of Japan?
Yes, it is Yonaguni Island.

As I have visited the northernmost and easternmost points of Japan, I would like to touch this point.

And now I have been to Yonaguni Island, which I have longed to visit! 👏. (This was a week before typhoon No. 2 hit the island.)
On the way out, I flew from Osaka to Naha, and from Naha to Yonaguni Island by a propeller plane flying about 500 km by direct flight, The return flight was from Yonaguni Island to Ishigaki Island, and then from Ishigaki Island to Osaka, This itinerary was completed in two days and one night, with sightseeing at each destination.

与In a word, Yonaguni Island has nothing! (hahaha).
Even the rental car ladies at the airport asked me, “Don’t you want to do marine sports? Don’t you have a purpose? If you do, you can go around the island three times!
And then we’ll see where Dr. Koto Clinic was filmed, and then we’ll have to eat swordfish and drink sake!😋”

And just like that, we enjoyed the beautiful sea and the delicious swordfish set menu from the fishermen’s cooperative. (Of course, I didn’t drink because I had to drive 😂)

But if you end up with this, it’s just a private blog: 。。。。

If there is nothing on Yonaguni Island, find something! And, I came up with…,
The one thing you will always find on an island with a population of 1,600-odd people is garbage.
Yes, garbage! Maybe there is a waste incineration plant on an island like this! I thought.
I googled and found it near the airport, “Yonaguni Town Waste Incineration Plant“!
The new facility will be built in 2021, In addition to the usual combustible garbage, it will be equipped with a facility that can incinerate swordfish tuna heads, etc. (by Net News).
Yonaguni specifications indeed! 😙

Of course, I visited the facility (although I only saw it from the outside).
Cows grazing nearby…how “peaceful”!

I can’t believe I’m going to a tourist attraction to find and see a waste incinerator, It’s an occupational hazard to work for Namitakiko, a manufacturer of refractory anchors and dust collector filter cages. I look back on my life and wonder if it’s good or bad (^_^; )

I found that Namitakiko’s products are used in Yonaguni Town’s waste incineration plant. I felt proud that Namitakiko is great after all.