Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

The President, the Total Lunar Eclipse, and Me


There was a “total lunar eclipse” on November 8 at the beginning of this month.
Did you see it?

When I was a student, I was always asked to choose either “lunar eclipse” or “solar eclipse” on a practice exam.
I was thinking, “Ahhh, I can’t learn anything,” back then.

This time, we can see the Uranus eclipse at the same time, which is very rare. (The way I say it is not very serious.)
This is the first time in 442 years that a total eclipse and a planetary eclipse can be seen at the same time in Japan!
By the way, 442 years ago was the Azuchi-Momoyama period!


Let’s see, it was the era of Nobunaga Oda, wasn’t it?
By the way, it will be 322 years from now when we will be able to see a total eclipse and a planetary eclipse at the same time.

I wonder what people in 322 years from now will remember as the representative of 2022?

Well, I happened to be on the ferry from Shodoshima to Himeji with the president and we observed the “total eclipse” and “planetary eclipse” together after 442 years.

Such a coincidence! I was thinking. Not only with the president, but also with the executive director and the director of the company, we observed the lunar eclipse and talked for 100 minutes on the ferry.

Of course I was nervous, but we were able to talk with each other without any barriers.
We are such a homey company. Namitakiko!

Today’s extra photo.

It’s hard to see the lunar eclipse even if you take a picture with your cell phone.
It just so happens that the passenger next to me has an SLR camera, and it’s awesome! A single-lens reflex camera!
I was so impressed when I was allowed to look through the viewfinder.