Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Learn from the real thing!


There are some things that you cannot understand unless you see the actual product, aren’t there?
We receive orders and requests for quotations every day, and although we are familiar with drawings, we rarely get to actually hold the product in our hands. However, it is rare to actually see the product in person.
We are aware of the fact that the product is probably like this from the drawings, but when we see the actual product, we often think, “That’s not what I thought! But when you see the actual product, you often think, “I knew it was like that,” or “It’s different from what I thought!

The other day, we received a series of inquiries about the length of the upper and lower halves of a two-part filter cage product. One of our senior staff members showed me a sample of the product in the company and let me study it.

Connected state

This is the state of the split. I split it by putting my weight on it with my foot. I was nervous that I might break it.

When connecting, shift the vertical line like this, insert it, and clunk it forcefully! The first photo shows the result.

Some people have anchors of unusual shapes, so when I’m confused by drawings without side views or a lack of imagination, I ask, “Do you have a sample of a similar shape?” “I might be able to find it in that person’s treasure chest! This helps us to share information and to see the actual product from various angles, and it also helps us to explain the product to the customer.

However, you must wash your hands after touching the sample. You will notice that your hands will turn black.
The day you touch them with white clothes, you will be crying and washing them….

I’d love to show you a sample collection of various people again, even if it’s another time…
Even on days when I’m not wearing light-colored clothing!