Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Namidakiko’s Female Power (‘◇’)ゞ


The common denominator between the “company computer” and “me in bed” is “slow startup.”

Huh? (´・ω・`)
I started with a sentence that you might think, “What?
It’s already spring, isn’t it?🌸

This is not a good riddle at all, but please keep in your mind that I don’t use the word “startup” to address people.

Recently, I like to watch old “SHOTEN”.
I find “SHOTEN” hosted by Utamaru-san interesting.
Nowadays, another host is hosting the show, and I also watch the show hosted by the previous host, but I still find Utamaru-san’s show very interesting.

I think that the atmosphere of the event changes so much when the host and members change.
I think this is a phenomenon that can be applied to many places.
The atmosphere of a class changes when the teachers change, and the atmosphere of a company changes when the top management changes.

April is here and my department has a new supervisor.
I am excited to see what kind of atmosphere and color we will have.

Well, let me preface this by saying that today I would like to introduce Namitakiko’s female power!☺

Girls like cute things.
Even if the company provides paper clips, notepads, and sticky notes, girls buy them themselves and put in cute things.

Therefore, I tend to use cute accessories for work.



I am not sure if I have any female power as I am smiling while watching “SHOTEN,” but I am still a bit puzzled.

Namidakiko’s female employees are working hard today, along with being cute.