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Goals for this year



This is a display I saw the other day when I passed by Whitey Umeda.
I took a picture of it while saying “eh, it’s so cute, I can’t do it” (lol).

How cute is a baby rabbit wearing a tiger suit? 🐯

Well, here we are, one month into the year 2022. Have you set your goals for this year?
My goal for this year is to go to a bar alone 🍸.
I’m not good at solo activities to begin with, so I think that’s a high hurdle for me!
I’ll do my best to accomplish that by the end of this year!
If I can come up with any more stories when I go to the bar, I will report them in this blog, so please look forward to it.

In my work, I am constantly absorbing new things and I will do my best every day to grow and develop. Thank you all for your guidance and encouragement.🌼