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NAMI COLOR NAMI COLOR (Gap material for expansion)


NAMI COLOR is a gap material for thermal expansion of refractory anchors.

When heated, it vaporizes, so the gap between the refractory anchor and the castable becomes the expansion allowance.

Are you attaching plastic caps or wrapping vinyl tape around them?
Do caps come off during transportation or on site?

NAMI COLOR is coated by Namitakiko before shipping.
It will not come off during transportation or on site.
Also, unlike plastic caps, coatings can be applied to anchors of various shapes.
The dimensions of the coating are not fixed only at the tip like a cap, but can be freely customized in height and thickness.

Furthermore, it is environmentally safe because it does not use chlorine-based raw materials.

And the color coding for each material makes it easy to identify the material during storage and installation.


2 New NAMI COLOR (Shipment started in spring 2023)

【New NAMI COLOR】 Improvements and functional upgrades Key points

Edge characteristics and adhesion of the coating film have been improved, making it more difficult to peel off.

Identification colors have become more vivid and easier to distinguish even in dark areas.

※ “NAMI COLOR” is a registered trademark of Namitakiko in Japan.

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