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REFRACTORY ANCHORS (Industrial furnace hardware)

In recent years, refractory castables have been used in a wide range of fields, including various industrial furnaces, petrochemical-related facilities, cement manufacturing facilities, and waste incinerators, etc. Refractory anchors are reinforcing hardware for holding and securing castables.

There are various shapes of refractory anchors, including "V-shaped," "Y-shaped," and "corrugated" anchors, depending on various applications. The selection of anchor material, size, and shape varies depending on the refractory construction thickness, construction method, and operating temperature.


Features of Namita's Refractory Anchors 並田のアンカーの特長

In-house integrated production system

In-house integrated production system FEATURE

For refractory anchors, we have established an integrated production system in which we carry out all processes in-house, from material procurement to cutting, forging, bending, pressing, welding, and inspection and packaging.

Namita’s refractory anchors are made-to-order products. Our production system is capable of handling a wide variety of products in small lots, and we can manufacture even a single unit.

Our quality control system is designed to maintain high quality, and is thoroughly controlled by material lots and material certificates.

Nami Color Coating to Prevent Cracks in Refractories

Nami Color Coating to Prevent Cracks in Refractories FEATURE

Nami Color coating, which prevents cracking of refractory materials due to the thermal expansion difference between the anchor and refractory materials, can be applied to the anchor.

With the introduction of wire forming machines, we are able to mass-produce products with stable quality through integrated processing from coiled materials to straightening, bending, and cutting.
We can manufacture not only refractory anchors, but also pins, hangers, and other parts associated with brackets and bricks.

Namitakiko's refractory anchor POINT

  • Quality control and inspection documents Produced in Japan

    Our policy is to deliver the quality customers demand, at a competitive price, and as quickly as possible.


    Incoming material inspection, production process control, product inspection, are properly managed by our independent quality control department.

    Mill Test Certificate, Product Inspection Report, PMI, Heat Treatment Certificate, Fumigation Certificate, Photo of Finished Products, Photo of Shipment, etc., can be submitted upon customer request. (For a fee, and depending on the product, this may not be possible.)

  • Pins, Washer and Ceramic cup lock for Fibre blankets

    Fibre blankets as heat insulators and heat retention materials often used in Oil and Gas. We can provide pins and lock washers of various shapes and ceramic cup locks used as its fasteners.


    Insulation pins, twist pins and straight pins for manual and automatic machine welding. Various shapes, lengths and materials are offered.

    Various sizes and materials are available.

    【Ceramic Cup Lock】
    Cup lock fastening with alumina.

  • Material Stock ALLOY601 and SUS310S

    Our factory has a large stock of materials and many material wholesalers nearby.
    We are especially good at the ALLOY601 and SUS310S. We offer reliable quality at competitive prices.


    ALLOY 601 (INCONEL 601) is Solid-Solution-Strengthened Nickel-Chromium alloy.
    An Aluminum and Titanium additions for outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance. And, It is also resistant to high temperature environments (1200°C) such as Petrochemical plants, Industrial furnaces, and Heat-Treatment plants.
    ※ ”INCONEL” is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.

  • Wave 3D Anchor

    These are standard shapes used in various plant construction such as Oil/Gas, Cement, and Incinerator.
    *The frequency of use is not so high in the Japanese market.
    We can manufacture with most materials such as SUS304, SUS309S, SUS310S, SUS316L, and ALLOY601.


    Various shapes are produced with CNC forming machines.