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What is the Kyushu office like? ????


Hello ☺

This time we would like to introduce our Kyushu Sales Office🎊

We are located in Nishiminato-cho, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, on the second floor of Asia Giken Co., Ltd.

In fact, you can see the ocean right there! 🪸

I used to be a mountain person not so long ago, and it’s a wonder to me every day that the ocean is so close to me!

This is the view from the window!

I went a little closer to the ocean!

Nice view 😂

It was a beautiful day and even more beautiful than usual✨

In the back is the Kyushu Steel Works Yahata area!

If there was a ferry from here, we could get there quickly, but unfortunately we have to take the long way by car 🥲💔 to get there.

We are currently working with 3 people at the Kyushu office!

Please feel free to stop by 👋