Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Advertisement for a mirror in a public bathhouse – Let’s try it anyway (a step toward making Namitakiko well-known)


We are proud to say that our company, Namitakiko, is quite well known in the industry.
(Sorry to sound so arrogant.)

However, we are not so well known outside of the industry. Unfortunately.
I myself have been asked by family and friends, “So? What does your company do in the end? I am often asked,
This is another difficult question to explain.
If you are not in the industry, it is really difficult to explain “plants” and “refractory anchors”.

How can we get people to know Namitakiko?
This year, we have started a “Branding Committee” for the purpose of branding.
The members of the committee are working hard to find ways to communicate our message to the world. Good luck with your ministry!

Now, we have come to know of an interesting public bathhouse, Chidori Onsen, which has been working on an interesting project.

Chidori Onsen

They are working on an interesting initiative called “Mirror Advertising” with mirrors in public bathhouses with a retro Showa-era feel.
This initiative has been featured on TV and online media for the past few years and has attracted a lot of attention.

I was actually allowed to visit and take pictures.

My first impression was “Eeeeeeew. I love it!”
It was very interesting to see the variety of advertisements, including business advertisements, recruiting, and some personal advertisements.

As I talked to Mr. Katsura of Chidori Onsen about various things, I thought, “Why don’t we put Namitakiko out there as well? I would like to do so! I want to!”

I felt that it would be common sense to advertise in a recruiting ad, but I thought that if we did not go beyond that common sense, we would not be able to let people know about Namitakiko.
We thought, “Let’s try without fear of failure!” Namitakiko is a company that is not afraid of failure, but is willing to take on challenges.

Mirror ads are posted on Twitter, Instagram, and various other social networking sites.

We have been working hard on our website and blog for the past few years, but we are still weak in this area.
With the help of Chidori Onsen’s advertisements, we are now planning to take a different approach to the site, while sharing ideas with other volunteers.

New approaches are often difficult, but they are also exciting!

We will keep you posted on further developments.