Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Forklifts with long nails


Last month, I visited the Hari factory where our company manufactures filter cages.

It was a very meaningful time for us, as we were able to see the actual machines and manufacturing process at the factory, as well as the finished products being stored for shipment, which cleared up our dim image of what we were doing.
This will lead to smooth responses when explaining to customers the progress status and delivery date changes.

I also came face to face with a “certain thing” that I was personally looking forward to seeing.
It is…a forklift!
Filter cages are often delivered in container loads when the number of deliveries is large, and when flatbed trucks are used, each truck can carry up to two containers, requiring a crane or other heavy equipment for loading and unloading.

For safety reasons, we basically do not recommend using forklifts for loading and unloading.

The forklift must have jaws that are long enough to reach the back of the container.
If the forklift meets the requirements for the height to lift and lower the container on the upper level, we will inform you that it is possible to unload the container.

*Please contact our sales representative for details on container sizes and sample photos of truck loading.

We wanted to see the actual forklift truck because it has “long jaw forklifts” at the Hari factory.

Here it is!!

It’s long! As long as the body of the car!
You can probably tell how long these nails are from the pictures, but when I saw them in person, I was excited and delighted.
To be honest, it was longer than I expected.
By the way, the forklift at our main factory looks like this.

After seeing the forklift at the Hari factory, it looks very miniature, but it is a hard worker that lifts heavy and large objects every day.
They look like this when lined up side by side.

The length of the nails is as different as the length of the legs in a full-body photo taken with a normal lens and the length of the legs in a full-body photo taken with a wide-angle lens!

As some of you may already know, when you take a full body photo with a smartphone, you should
If you take a full-body photo with a smartphone, set the bottom margin to just below the feet and the top margin to a larger area (it will look more natural if the top margin is cut off after the photo is taken).
Set the magnification to about x0.7 wide angle.
Tilt the smartphone at a slight angle.
This is a good way to get a long-legged shot without overdoing it and without relying on processing apps.

Photographed by NAMITA SILVER (SS+Zn)

Do you see the difference? Doesn’t the wide-angle photo make the entire image look vertically sharper?
The face, on the other hand, is not stretched vertically in a strange way.
*In some cases, shooting at x0.5 setting makes you look like a supermodel, which may give you an “overdone” look.
Please give it a try! 🤞

…What am I talking about?