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『March 8th is International Women’s Day 2023』★


Did you know that every year on March 8 is International Women’s Day?
It seems that it was established by the United Nations in 1975 after a demonstration in New York City demanding the right of women to participate in the country’s politics.

I didn’t know about it and learned about the existence of this day when I first moved abroad 7 years ago.
For example, when I entered a café, I was offered a rose or a free cup of coffee. Restaurants offer drinks and desserts.
Companies give cakes and massage coupons to their female employees.

In recent years, this custom seems to be spreading in Japan as well, with department stores, hotels, universities, etc. holding large scale events and cosmetics makers conducting campaigns.

Today, Namitakiko also gave out thank you cards and mimosas as gifts★★★★★.

Frankly speaking, the Japanese manufacturing industry does not accept diversity and the hierarchical culture is still very strong, so it is nice for women working in the manufacturing industry to be able to respect these anniversaries!