Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Corporate color


<Corporate color> is a kind of theme color that symbolizes a company, group, or organization, and can be used to differentiate it from its peers, convey its image, and communicate its direction through color.
It is also said that a unified logo and packaging can appeal to people’s deeper psychology.
Red, which is also used in Namitakiko’s logo, is an energetic color that is also used by everyone’s favorite soda maker, the hamburger chain with the yellow M, and fast-fashion clothing manufacturers.
I do not know the meaning of Namitakiko’s logo color, but I think it fits perfectly with the image of a company that delivers high-quality heat-resistant products.
Our reliable quality and track record, which have been used in many key industrial plants such as steel, cement, and petrochemical plants since long ago, contribute to the safe and stable operation of various plants, and all of our employees will continue to make corporate efforts to be of service to you in various places in the future.
When considering procurement of refractory anchors and filter cages, please feel free to contact Namitakiko, marked by the red logo.🎶