Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Where’s the rainy season?


Isn’t it hot?
No, no, no, isn’t it a little crazy?

How are you all feeling?
Are you already suffering from summer fatigue?
I’m already feeling a little tired.
I am losing strength year by year.
I want to age slowly, but it’s not going to happen. (I’m so sad.

・・・・・ Oops, the heat has made me spill my true feelings.

At this time of year, heat stroke is a concern.

We receive warnings about “heat stroke” from various sources.

I work mostly at a desk. I work mainly at my desk, so I am able to work in a moderately temperature-controlled room. But this is not the case for those on site.

Everyone is working very hard in the hot weather, sweating hard, making things, preparing for shipment, receiving cargo, etc. I really admire them!

We take the utmost precautions to prevent “heat stroke” for everyone on those sites!

We have water available for everyone at the site to hydrate themselves, and we also provide water for free.

Spot coolers can be used to lower the temperature of your experience.

Posters, etc., are used to alert people to the situation.

Still, I think hot is hot!
I really appreciate all of you who are working hard on the site!
“Thank you!!”

I’m thinking “I can’t wait for the weather to cool down” as early as July.

An extra natural episode.

I saw a poster on how to check for “hidden heat stroke” in the photo above, and it said, (4) Press your thumbnail and the redness returns slowly. It said, “Oh, I see. I was about to press my fingernail and thought, 

“No, I’m going to press my thumbnail! I said to myself.

I want to age slowly, don’t I?