Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと



There is such a thing as a palatable word.
It is a list of words that don’t need to mean what they say, just that they feel good to say.
Also known as “just say it.”

Do you have any?

In my case.
“Asaborake”, “Choureibokai”, “Moriyasubambambambambigalo”, “Diana Extravaganza”.

There is nothing wrong with the word if you don’t know it, but if you are interested, Google it and see.
However, I personally love the last two, but I am sure you will wish you had not Googled them!

In the case of our product
I’m satisfied just by saying it. 

The official version is longer.
For example, it could be “60YLM2BV6-13-60-25-250-80-60-10-30-100”.

For your information, the above products are as follows.

L1 can be bent at any angle required by the customer.
In addition to the V type, it is also possible to attach a round bar, and not only one V type but also two or three V types and three round bars can be attached.
Some shapes have minimum dimensions that can be bent, so we may ask you to change the shape.
We can produce various shapes and materials, so please feel free to place an order.


Hmmm… Since I don’t have any pictures, I’m going to post the Tokushima Ramen I got the other day.
Why? (Laughs)

This was a palatable soup!

Just to make the “palatable” connection!

What about ・・・・・・・? (LOL)