Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Survey 👀 now underway


Good morning!

We are currently conducting “Operation Questionnaire” at the company.🤔
It’s not someone else’s problem.(^_^;)

We are asking our business partners to complete an online survey in which you will be asked to answer questions about your image, expectations, and dissatisfaction with Namita.I received the invitation! I have already answered the questionnaire! I am sure there are people who are reading this blog who have already answered the questionnaire.😆
I’m sorry if you didn’t receive it because it seems to be a random selection.

And the other day, we got an early in-house report on the progress!
It’s on the large display at the “The one in the Youtuber’s house.…!”
(Namitakiko is changing like an IT company before we know it!

As one of the employees, I wondered what kind of answers I would get. I was both hopeful and anxious. Surprising? As expected?
We are all pleased with the many compliments we received.😉

Thank you so much to all of our business partners!

And to our suppliers, some of whom sent us a pep talk. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
In fact, we are told that it is our aim to receive these harsh words.
(According to one of our sources😎)
He is always sitting at your desk, but he is really thinking things through!
Too much? Too harsh? I am not exaggerating or being harsh, but my own words of praise.

Thanks to this survey, we can make this a better company! and We are very grateful to all the staff members for this opportunity.

I know I am writing this as if the survey operation is over, but it seems that the survey is still being conducted, and we would appreciate it if all of our business partners who have been too busy to respond yet, or who may receive a notice in the future, could please cooperate with us!

I’m the one who wrote the document like a planning and public relations person.☺️