Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Hey, you serious?


Since I started this job, I find myself thinking about work-related matters when I’m staring at something in a daze, and then I come back to myself and say, “Hey, are you serious? I often find myself cracking myself up in my daily life. 

For example, when I was standing on the platform of a train station, I casually looked at the structure of the platform and said, “Oh, it’s a combination of H steel and angles.” Or, when I was on a trip to Amanohashidate, I was looking at the view from the top and thought, “Ah, the protective net is made of tortoise shell wire mesh. I then come back to myself and laugh.

The other day, I was just wandering around, and I found these. Oh, is this U-bolt for general steel pipe? Is it for ships? The plate is beautifully bent.
I wonder if it’s iron if it’s so rusted. I thought. 

Oh, I wonder what this H steel-like material is made of? What is the diameter of this hexagonal bolt? I was thinking.

It’s really hard to be in a daze and not think about anything. 

Now, what I was looking at in my daze.
H steel, angles, tortoise shell wire mesh (diamond shaped wire mesh is also welded wire mesh), U-bolts, and plate bending products are available for quotation as well as products that can be provided, so, whoa! You can do it? If you think so, please contact Namitakiko!