Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Shodoshima Factory


Our company has four factories, the main factory, the second factory, the Shodoshima factory, and the Hari factory, each of which does its own work.

I am also from Shodoshima.

Have you ever been to Shodoshima?

It’s a very nice place.
It is a remote island and rural, but it is very livable.
There is also a convenience store. (There is only one choice.)
Recently, the number of I-turners and U-turners has been increasing, and stylish cafes are being built.

The autumn leaves are really beautiful this time of year.

This photo shows the autumn colors of “Kankakei Valley” a few years ago.
Kankakei Valley is a famous mountain in Shodoshima where you can see the autumn colors.

Our Shodoshima factory is located in the middle of a mountain, on the way to the Kankakei Valley.

So, sometimes I see this scene.

The locals, however, when they see this amount of monkeys, they just think “that they are blocking the road again.”
You can think of it as the same as when you say to your family, “Oh no, you haven’t cleaned up yet!”


All of our factories are working hard to produce refractory anchors, fabricated products, filter cages, and other products with sincerity.
We look forward to receiving your orders.