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☆Girls in the factory☆ How to make V-shaped anchor ~Beginner’s class~


Every morning, I spend at least five minutes wondering whether to wear long sleeves or short sleeves.

I’m working on the production line, manufacturing a variety of shapes, including V-shapes, Y-shapes, U-shapes, and special shapes!
I’m the only blog member on the production line, so I hope I can tell you a little bit about our products!

 In this issue.
Machining of V-shaped anchor (60VM1) I would like to give you a brief introduction to

(1) Straighten the wire!


(2) Bending!


(3) Cutting!


Yes! It’s finished! Holy shit! ( ´∀` )



There are four types of V-shaped anchor metals.
(1) VM1 is a round bar bent into a V-shape at an angle of 60° to 90°, and is the most popular product (see above).
(2) VM3 is a version of VM1 with a vertical section at the bottom for better weldability.
(3) VM3A is an improved version of VM1 with uneven surfaces.
(4) VM7 is a version of VM3 with the tip of the V bent to improve the retention of the castable.

The V-shaped anchor is the shape most often ordered by custermers, and we keep a large inventory of materials in our main factory to meet customers’ short delivery requirements.
We also accept orders from one piece.
Please pick it up and check it. (Sounds like a salesman, doesn’t it?)

Finally, we will try our best to respond to your request for material, R-bending, etc. Even once! As many times as possible! Please contact us!