Murmurings of Namita GIRLS 並田GIRLSのひとりごと

Start your own “My SDGs”.


It’s autumn.
COVID 19 is beginning to settle down, and we are anxiously awaiting new orders, although we fear that Japan’s mass consumption activities will increase… ⤴

The SDGs are everywhere, and there is so much excitement about them that not a day goes by when we are not aware of them. But what are the specific actions that can be taken? Don’t you think so?
So, I would like to tweet about the SDGs that I am personally working on and the SDGs that I have witnessed inside and outside the company.

In the beginning.
I’d like to tweet about two SDGs that I’m personally working on.
1) Keep only 30 hangers (= 30 clothes). 
2) Volunteer activities to protect cats and dogs and promote TNR. 

It is my belief that we should cherish the life that we already have and that exists right now. This is my belief.

Tweet the two SDGs you witnessed inside and outside Namita office.
1) The activity of “hollowing out one side of an empty can and using it as a pen stand.”

2) The activity of “Let’s cut the 18-liter square cans we no longer need in half and use them as dustpans.”

Start with something small, something close to home.