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Notice of NAMI COLOR Improved & Functionalized


We have been working to improve NAMI COLOR (gap material for hot expansion) in response to customers’ opinions and requests. And we have improved the functionality of NAMI COLOR by renewing the raw materials, hot melt and colorant, and we hope that you will continue to use it.

The transition is scheduled to take place sequentially from around February 2023. While the characteristics of Nami Color and its vaporization properties remain the same, the edge properties and adhesiveness of the coating film have been improved compared to the previous product, making it an excellent improved product that is difficult to peel off, and the identification color is more vivid, making it easy to identify even in dark places.

【Features of NAMI COLOR】
-As with current products, NAMI COLOR is made of hot-melt EVA to which solid paraffin, etc. are added.
-NAMI COLOR vaporizes when heated, but does not adversely affect refractory anchors or castables (no chlorine gas or dioxin is produced).
-Hot-melt adhesive is used, so it does not peel off easily when installing castables.
-The color identification makes it easy to identify the material and manage storage and installation conditions on site.

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