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Automatic windowpane washing and wiping equipmentの概要

Every type of automatic windowpane washing and wiping equipment adopts the automatic dilution system for cleaning fluid.

This equipment washes and cleans windowpanes at high places or those impossible for operators to clean completely automatically, so that the glass surface of each windowpane can be maintained clear at all times.

Windows for crane operating rooms and observation windows for visitors at refuse incinerator facilities are located in the upper part of the refuse pit. These windows have a sealed structure that shuts off for the reasons of preventing dust, bad odor, and dangerous materials from coming into the room.

  1. Use of this equipment makes it possible to conduct automatic cleaning of windowpanes from the inside of the operating room without opening/closing the windows.
  2. Cleaning of windowpanes can be automatically done just by touch panel operation from the crane operating room without the need of manual operation. At the same time, this equipment can maintain the glass surface of each windowpane clear at all times.
  3. In the case of a new cleaning plant, a simpler window structure can be adopted for the crane operating room by adopting this equipment. As for the front windowpanes, just a single pane of glass is enough which significantly enhances a view through the windowpane.

Standard system schematic
(A wide variety of window shapes, such as the bay type, the tilted type, and the particular installation structure, can be supported)

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This equipment has the running rails that are installed on the external wall. On these rails, the driving unit that can move horizontally, water-cleaning nozzles to wash and clean windowpanes, and the cleaning unit with wipers embedded to dry windowpanes are suspended.
This equipment has the features described below that no conventional equipment has had.

  Strictly selected materials are used for this equipment with a structure that is resistant to harsh conditions.
  Stainless-steel is used for all equipment components.

  1. This equipment enables automatic windowpane washing and cleaning only by touch-panel operation from the crane operating room.
  2. We are able to make this equipment apply to every kind of window structure.
  3. The cleaning unit sprays cleaning fluid to dissolve dirt on the windowpane and washes the glass surface, after which the absorption wipers dry the windowpane.
  4. This equipment can adequately clean the bottom window that looks down at the pit bottom which is important for crane operation.
  5. This equipment can also clean the windows of the visitor hall that is located adjacent to the crane operating room in the same way it cleans the windows of the crane operating room.
  6. For this equipment, carefully-selected materials, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant, are used while the structure is adopted that can work under harsh conditions such as a refuse pit.
  7. This equipment has a structure that makes maintenance work easier. In addition, installation of the windowpane washing control room on the hopper floor enables the maintenance and inspection work for this equipment.
  8. If this equipment stops its operation for emergency, inspection and maintenance work is conducted after returning the main unit to the inside the room by operating the auto reel handle in the windowpane washing and wiping equipment.

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We have received high marks from customers with our performance and integrated system from design based on the facility's architectural drawings, to production, installation, and commissioning.

With our equipment, we maintain a clear view for monitoring windows and observation windows at urban refuse incinerator facilities.
Automatic windowpane washing and wiping equipment is equipment that washes and cleans windowpanes completely automatically in order to maintain the windows for refuse crane operating rooms and observation windows for visitors.
Our windowpane washing and wiping equipment is all stainless-steel which is an epoch-making product that aims to achieve corrosion prevention, full automatic operation, and prolonged maintenance.

Every kind of windowpane is supported.
According to the request, we are able to produce other types.

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