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Retainers(Dust-collection components factories and incinerators)

In a wide range of production and processing processes of mining, refining, cement creation, chemical processing, steel processing, or refuse processing, materials such as soot and smoke and dioxins are produced during the combustion process in exhaust gas, and general particulates are also produced during the fracturing/crushing process. Retainers installed in bag type dust collectors are used for supporting filter cloths that filter such materials or general particulates so that the collection effect can be maintained when such materials or general particulates are filtered.


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As a manufacturer of reliable retainers, NAMITA strives to improve the mass production effect with a wide variety of creative attempts by using venturis shown below and bottom plates, while enhancing the production lines with automatic multi-spot welders.

The upper external fringe with a two-stage throttle structure is effective for preventing the filter cloth from coming off.
Any of the existing filter cloth installation methods (with or without collars) is supported.
The turned-down outer circumference reinforces the entire venturi. This increases the venturi strength significantly, resulting in eliminating any damage to occur in various works done on site.
The installation status of the filter cloth can be checked while the retainer is set.
The retainer can be moved up and down easily by using notches even without using handles. This enhances the workability when an inspection is conducted.

■ NAMITA's triangle venturi

Making bypass opening with pulse jet at locations where the venturi effect can be secured increases the suction area for dust collection and decreases pressure loss. At the same time, this venturi is also equipped with the shaking-off function on the upper part of the filter cloth.
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The set-in type of the bottom plate eliminates all potential portions (conditions) that could damage the filter cloth due to edges or spot welded portions. This method totally eliminated damage to filter cloth due to the bottom plate installed by the conventional method.

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