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At first, anchor metals were produced and used for holding and fixing castable refractories including heat-proof bricks for industrial furnaces. However, they are currently used for holding and fixing such castable refractories in a wider range of fields, such as petrochemical facilities, cement production facilities, and various incinerators including urban refuse incinerators.
The major anchor metals for castable refractories include type V and type Y. There are anchor metals with a wide variety of shapes depending on the application.

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Type YM4 and type YM5 are the anchor metals that were designed and developed by our company for the first time in Japan. These anchor metals are called "Y anchors of the NAMITA type."
Type YM4 has a flat panel part, while type YM5 has undulating portions.
These types are produced based on our unique technique by processing round bars based on integrated molding. This achieves lightness and stable quality.
Our integrated production system starting with raw material processing achieves the mass production effects both on the cost side and the delivery time side.
These types have round cross sections, which is suitable to automatic welding. This feature achieves good workability and convenient welding conditions for can manufacturing.
A round bar is the original material having a low material loss rate when compared to panel materials.
We are always ready to deliver those products made of regular materials in ordinary sizes instantaneously from our rich stocks.

This type is mainly type Y of the NAMITA type as standard, while used where refractories are installed in two layers.
The nut side of the divided parts is designed to connect by screws and welding. This achieves an extremely high strength reliability as a robust product to use at ease.

Depending on the welded portion shape, these welded anchor metals are divided into three types, type A, type B, and type C.
In the pursuit of productivity enhancement, we achieved mass production by introducing welding robots and standardization of welding guidelines. This resulted in achieving a quick delivery system and cost reduction.
In addition, our thorough quality management further enhanced product homogenization and reliability.

NAMI Color is a filler that we developed in order to prevent castable refractories from cracking due to differential thermal expansion by making a gap between an anchor metal and a castable refractory.
Anchor metals are colored according to each anchor material. This makes it possible for customers to check the anchor material when anchors are stored or inspected after delivery, while false recognition of anchor materials is eliminated.
NAMI Color
Notice: We are able to produce conventional non-colored NAMI coat according to your particular request.


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