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 Since its foundation, NAMITA has immersed itself in producing anchor metals for castable refractories. Striving to introduce advanced equipment and facilities, enhance our production technology further, and speed up information transmission, we have spared no effort to achieve convincing prices for a wide variety of products in small quantities and deliver them to our customers meeting the delivery schedule specified by customers.
The dust-collection retainers we have developed incorporating a variety of technical schemes have been adopted in many fields.
 We would like to sincerely appreciate our customers who have spared no effort in providing us with generous support and cooperation.
 We will continue not to stay in today, but to aim tomorrow to work diligently on maintaining quality and enhancing productivity so that we can play an important role in a technical niche field with diverse equipment and facilities that can hardly be observed normally.
 Taking advantage of this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude for your continuous support, courtesy, and instructions.

President, Yoshitaka Yamato