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Corporate History
Oct. 1969
NAMITA is founded as Namitakiko Shokai
Jun. 1980
Namitakiko Co., Ltd. is established as an organizational change with the capital of 5 million yen
Jul. 1981
A stainless-steel processing factory, the Taisho Factory, starts its operation in Minamiokajima of Taisho-ku
Mar. 1986
The new headquarters building is completed in Honden of Nishi-ku
Jun. 1990
The capital is increased to 10 million yen
Aug. 1990
A sales company, Nack Chugoku Inc., is established in Tamano City of Okayama
Apr. 1991
The Shodoshima Factory is established in Shodo-gun of Kagawa
Oct. 1997
Production of retainers is started at the Hari Factory established in Uda-gun of Nara
Aug. 1998
The Kyushu Branch Office is established in Kokura of Kitakyushu City
May 2001
The Tokyo Branch Office is established in Kanda of Tokyo
Jul. 2003
Both Tokyo and Kyushu Branch Offices are reestablished as new independent corporations, Nack Tokyo Inc. and Nack Kyushu Inc.
Dec. 2003
The Kujou Factory in Kujouminami of Nishi-ku is expanded with the delivery center
Nov. 2004
A NAMITA Group management company, Namita Co., Ltd., is established
Nov. 2005
The capital is increased to 15 million yen
May 2006
Based on the new Companies Act, two independent corporations are changed to Nack Kyushu Co., Ltd. and Nack Taisho Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2007
The Nagoya Branch Office is reestablished as an independent corporation, Nack Tokai Co., Ltd.
Feb. 2010   The capital is increased to 20 million yen
May 2011   The capital is increased to 33 million yen
Aug. 2012   A capital alliance is formed with Japan Carlit Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2013   NAMITA makes Nishiyama Filter Co., Ltd. its subsidiary
Apr. 2014   Following the conversion to a holding company structure, NAMITA becomes a 100%-owned subsidiary of Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd.

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